Subway gc $6.99 for $10

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by melloddie, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. melloddie

    melloddie New Member

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  3. edwardrich01

    edwardrich01 New Member

    its a great Deal... thanks for sharing..
  4. stacyycats

    stacyycats New Member

    Awesome, i just bought one:jump:
  5. Niki

    Niki Member

    Just so I'm clear on this one, you buy and they mail you the gift card, or do I print it out and take to Subway?
  6. melloddie

    melloddie New Member

    From their fine print:

    • OnSale will ship Subway Gift Card FREE as first class mail within 5-7 business days to your credit card billing address

    HTH :)
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2011
  7. Niki

    Niki Member

    Cool, thanks! I got a little confused when the certificate said to print and present to merchant.
  8. hough747

    hough747 Member

    Thanks! This month they are doing 6" Meatball & Cold Cuts for $2 (at least in my area). And all the receipts have started printing with a free cookie if you take a survey online thing. A 6" and cookie for $2+tax aint too shabby! The discounted gift card will be great! (I know the deal will probly be expired by the time I get the card, but I got the last Hot Deals $6 for $10 Subway gc, so I'm good to go.

    Thanks again!

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