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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by imenchanted2, May 14, 2008.

  1. imenchanted2

    imenchanted2 New Member

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  3. Merge59

    Merge59 New Member

    Is this really legit?... from reading it seems so... Have you ordered from them?
  4. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I havent ordered, but its definitely legit
  5. Merge59

    Merge59 New Member

    Thanks maybe ill order something for my daughter.,,,
  6. zammsmom

    zammsmom New Member

    Ok, I ordered some earrings. Let's see if they come! :h5:
  7. Merge59

    Merge59 New Member

    I ordered earrings for my daughter... they came yesterday.... so it took about 3 weeks from order date... she loves them..... they were the ones that hung in the back and front.... you sorta threaded it through..... Im happy the the purchase... well if you can call it a purchase.... lol :wiggle:
  8. zammsmom

    zammsmom New Member

    Yep, I got mine too. They came last week. Really cute. However... for the shipping price of $6, I'm not so sure I would buy them again. I might buy them if I saw them at the dollar store, but probably not if I saw them at Walmart for $6. Mine are very light weight (which is not a problem for my ear lobes), but they feel kinda cheap... which they were, so I shouldn't be surprised, right?? :pat:
  9. Merge59

    Merge59 New Member

    the pictures are deceiving.... but for $6.99... these were worth it.... when we see a ring in her size she likes we will order that... Ill let you all know when we do and if it was worth it...

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