Shop wood flooring to what matters?


Shop wood flooring to what matters?

At the time of purchase, the moisture content of woody materials is a very important reference factor. Floor decoration, thermal expansion and contraction of wood materials affected by the climate is very big, because the spring dry, the temperature is not high, so the appropriate use of wood moisture content should be controlled within 13%. To ensure that the installation of dry environment, the floor to buy home, check its quality, variety, size and quantity can be installed. Of course, the best before the installation of the floor in the new living room or bedroom, dry and dark place, store 1 to 2 days, so that the moisture content of the floor and the indoor water balance, in order to facilitate the pavement.

Whether it is solid wood flooring or ordinary composite floor. There is a 'stretch rate' problem. The construction must be operated by professionals, only after the manufacturers of specialized training of the installation division, in order to accurately grasp their products 'expansion rate' to install a good floor. In order to prevent the floor after the pavement will appear cracks, decoration owners must pay attention to supervision of construction workers in the pavement reserved for expansion joints, so as not to dry and wet weather, the floor cracks, deformation and so on.

In the floor before the pavement, the owners should be one week in advance of the ground began to pay attention to the construction of spray (sprinkler) water situation, try to keep the ground long-term dry, wood flooring pavement ready. Wood flooring can not be installed in the uneven or wet ground, especially in the ground, "leveling", the new shop must be completely dry cement floor in order to start pavement.Outdoor Composite Wood Floor Suppliers - Seven Trust

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