Samsung Galaxy S5 Case DECEC® 3 in 1 Hard Case with Hidden USB 2.0 Data Charge Cable and Holder

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    Function as a kickstand
    step1:take out the front port of the cable
    step2:press down after make the button postitions matched

    Take out the kickstand after using
    step1:pull back from the button position
    step2:take out the front part
    step3:insert the micro USB connector
    step4:press the USB connector
    step5:press the cable and make it flat

    Charge curren:9V 1.67A and 5V 2A
    Size of case: 143*74.4*11.5 mm
    Size of cable: 102*12mm
    Material of case: PC with rubber paint (LG imported material)
    Material of cable: TPU (LG imported material)
    USB 2.0 AM to Ligtning USB
    Transfer rate: 480Mbps

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