& Affiliate stores: Possible free ~$50 worth of grocery stuff

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by t♂ph, Dec 11, 2010.

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    is this still good toph? maybe i could ship to somebody else. :kekeke:
  3. t♂ph

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    yes it is except the free water.. yes you can ship it to somebody else:bigthumb:
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    thanks toph! so your title says "and affiliates". did anybody do this at a store other than safeway?
  5. t♂ph

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    3bears and I did :)
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    cool! party in southern cal. :)
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  8. hough747

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    Does 'bump' mean the deal is gone? I just saw it and want to try in socal...
  9. Kamaree

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    Bump means pushing the thread back on top so people see it. :) The deal is probably still good :)
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    i didn't do it (yet) but it was mentioned on a blog the other day so i think it's good!
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  12. PopCulture

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    Wooo hoooo! I'll try this!
  13. rockoranges

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    I think this is expired, none of the $15 dollar off codes would work for me.
  14. hough747

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    Update: Items that are on sale under Safeway or Vons-Club or are Buy One, Get One do not show up as on sale when you check out. There is a notice saying, the deals will come off the day the checker rings you up/the day your groceries are delivered. That is the reason the free delivery and $15 deal work – it bases the total on the full item price (discounting any sales/discounts). Apparently the discounts are all tabulated on the day of delivery. That explains the deal a bit. But the catch is - there is a disclaimer right before you check out. It says something to the effect of: If your final purchase price (after BOGOs & Vons Club/Safeway Club) does not exceed $50 we have the option of cancelling your order.

    After calling to inquire, the representative told me that Safeway was privy to people trying to take advantage of their deal, creating $50.00 orders with BOGOs, using the $15 promo and paying only a small amount. He said that it triggers something in their accounting system, and the accounting office (local/specific to your area) is supposed be made aware of and cancel your order. This will 1) stop the actual order from appearing in the system of the delivery store, and 2) cause the accounting office to either call you or email you explaining the reason for cancellation. At that point you can either ignore it, or explain you are a genuine customer and not a scammer, and they will take the lock off of your account. In my case, the order was not cancelled, and arrived without a hitch.

    Another update: The ads switch on Wed. morning, and all the BOGOs switch as well. Therefore if your order date falls on a Tuesday and the groceries are set for delivery on a Wednesday, you will not get any of the deals. Be careful that 1) your delivery date is within the advertisement dates, and 2) TAKE A SCREEN SHOT of your cart (showing the little sign below the item that says it is on special for BOGO. Two of my items were BOGO when I ordered them, but were not the next day (and it was all within the same ad period). So I paid full price rather than BOGO. It was either a glitch in their system, or I am completely nuts (I am not – I assure you. I dropped and re-added the items from my cart at least three times, just to be utterly certain. I am 100% positive the item I am describing was a BOGO.) The representative said the only way to rectify that situation was to show them a screen shot of the item pictured as BOGO. Just a warning: if you are trying to do this deal, it would offer you a touch of protection to have a captured image showing the tems you chose are supposed to be BOGO.

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