Possible free stuff from P&G on monday


New Member
Any idea if it is going to be through Facebook or an external link? Gotta work and can't get on Facebook there. Hope it's external and FST posts it


Wise Crackin' Mama
Got it!

Your coupon booklet is on its way. You should receive it in 5-10 business days.


relentless member
Well that was a royal pain in the whoop de do. I finally got one, I hope the coupons are better than the ones they put in the newspaper.


New Member
it looks like the same one that we got for submitting $50 in p&g receipts. although some people seem to have a better version than others. i've wailed through mine and am very happy to get another one!
what kind of coupons did you get...ive never done the receipts thing
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