Possible Free Coffee-Mate Party kit


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it said be the first 100,000 people to apply. So that is alot of people.

I went with the muffin pan. I could use a new apron too.


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You have to host a party and take pics?? Do you guys do this? Or is there away around the party? I never did one of these before..


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Has anyone else got the email yet? Its the 14th! Im anxiously checking my emails every time my phone chimes. :fingersx::kekeke:


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Got the game night party!!

Now waiting to see if my brother gets accepted. Logged in to see and it's still saying they are reviewing his app.


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awwww :( a few days is gonna be long for me! lol

Coffee-Mate Café Party Update

We wanted to update you on the status of your application to host a COFFEE-MATE Café Party on FREE FLAVOR FRIDAY.
At this time, you have been placed on the wait list for the COFFEE-MATE Café Party. This is not an approval, but confirms that your application is still in consideration depending on availability of the kit you selected. We will be in touch within the next few days to update your status.
If you have questions, please email us at Party@FFFEvents.coffee-mate.com (or you can reply to this email).
We very much appreciate your continued interest and enthusiasm.

Free Flavor Friday Team Leader


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Coffe mate party pack application

You can go on the coffee mate party page site and log into see if u were excepted or not I'm on my phone and can't find the link so just do coffee mate party packs
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