Possbile MM at Target


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My Target has Circo infants/kids socks on clearance for .50... If you still have the Taget Web Coupon for 1.00, you can make .50 for each one. I did this deal yesterday and it worked fine. They don't give cash back, but you can use the profit for other items in your cart. The coupon expires today though!

Also, if you have the Classico pasta sauce coupon (link was given on this site under Money/Target).. they have a buy two get one tag on the jars. So.. they are 1.84 on sale.. using the 1.00 off times 2, then one free.. you get three jars for 1.64. Pretty good deal. esp. if you have 3 pairs of sock, then you get a 1.50 credit, so it is .14 cents for three jars of sauce and 3 pairs of socks.
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