.49 app sale & daily .25 mp3 album


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Google play launched a few hours ago, replacing the old android market. To celebrate, they are having an app sale, as well as .25 daily book, movie rental, and MP3 album. Today, there's a Top Hits MP3 album, and the "incredibly Loud" ebook for a quarter.

Hopefully, you'll be able to buy. I gave tech support a good laugh when I reported I was trying to utilize the new market, but apparently, Google removed my zip code from the database when they rolled things over. They only have phone support during the launched, and my callback came almost the instant I pushed the submit button. They're going to fix that, or so they say. We'll see. :D


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They also have that album on Amazon for $.25 Now That's What I Call Music 41

Amazon seems to be price matching, which does NOT surprise me at all! Today's .25 Google MP3 is a Lil Wayne album; searching amazon reveals it is also 025 there. Amazon does not seem to have the same daily deals in the books, movies, or app categories.

If you have a kindle fire, you're probably better off w/ amazon; if not, probably doesn't matter. Itunes users will find the google interface is closer to itunes than is the amazon interface, so they may be more comfortable using google.

I found a work around for the zip error--click the "more" drop down menu from google, and go to google wallet. Store your info in your google wallet, and it will bypass having to do it in the store. Happily, the older Google wallet accepts 34217 as a valid zip.

(yes, most if the songs in "that's what I call music" suck, but for a quarter, it's worth it for the couple I actually like.)
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