New Trendy Collectable Silicon Watches Your Choice Of 5 Colors $1.00 Shipped

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by PICKELFIEND12, Jan 20, 2011.


    PICKELFIEND12 New Member

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  3. Kay

    Kay Worker Bee

    It does say silicon... Silicon is "melted sand". Silicone is the rubbery stuff these watches are made of. Sorry for being a geek. I work for a place that makes products on silicon wafers - like computer chips - and it caught my attention. That being said: I think I'll go see if they have a green one! Thanks for posting pickelfiend!
  4. quin208

    quin208 New Member

    got 1 in every colour lol
  5. bettyjomama

    bettyjomama New Member

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