Marlboro County Rewards - FREE Gifts on July 1st

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by lilliesmommy, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Kristin

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    Her response to the pictures are "mom, his name is Tristan, which is close to Kristin, so I thought you would like that".....umm :nono: :nono: there will be no boyfriends for another 10 years :bigthumb:
  2. CARAMEL42

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    Finally got level 3 :run: COME ON MINI CAMCORDER:jump:
  3. auntcrystal77

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    got hubbys grill today and wow this thing is heavy and the ups man just loved it after he sat here talking to me about it-told him nice for being free huh? he laughed and said wow it is nice! cant wait for the rest of the items to come now :)
  4. kresin

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    Really Nice Steer Horns!!

    Just received my mounted steer horns! These are really, really nice. Not tacky, I promise. (Yes, I live in Texas so maybe my tacky is different from your tacky... but I'm originally from Ohio. :cool:) The horns are black & grey with a little white and polished smooth. The Sheplers website states that the horns are shed naturally, otherwise, I wouldn't have picked this reward.

    I may hang these in my house so hubby may not get to take these to his high school classroom after all. They would look very nice above a mantle or door frame. The total length of the medium steer horns is about 3 feet. Value is $70.

    Check out the link. The steer horns I received are a much prettier color.

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