If you don't need smaller size diapers....

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by ajollygirl2, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. ajollygirl2

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    If you won't be needing the amaller size dipers ($5./Gental Care) It is reported on HCW that you can use this Q at Target to get the 184 ct. wipes for .99 with it.
    from HCW:
    So here is how I used the coupon. They only work on Huggies Gentle Care SENSITIVE. Gentle Care is written in small letters above it in a little cloud. Was difficult to find. My Target had them priced at $5.99. This coupon works because the wording says "On One Huggies Gentle Care Product". The Natural Fit coupon only works for diapers.

    Hope this helped

    here is a picture, I know visuals help me:

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  3. savannahsmommy

    savannahsmommy New Member

    Thank you! We go through lots of wipes here.
  4. lajeki

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    Target Coupon

    where did you get the coupon? From the Target website?
  5. ajollygirl2

    ajollygirl2 New Member

  6. lajeki

    lajeki New Member

    Thank you girl!!

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