How to determine the value of strengthening the floor wear?


How to determine the value of strengthening the floor wear?

In fact, know that this variable is very easy to find a 360-purpose sandpaper on the spot can be experimented, according to the number of businesses said the number of grinding began, a round-trip to two dollars in the floor surface began to wear, How much back and forth, at this time to get the number of revolutions is the initial wear value of the floor to continue grinding it!

Grind to a certain number of revolutions you will find the ground has been no grinding of aluminum oxide surface, and then calculate, how much turn the grinding, then you get the end of the floor value. Normally the end value is much higher than the initial value. May, some businesses will tell you that his subject is the middle value, it does not matter, and then calculate the two values ??you get in front of the average, is it!

In the course of the experiment, those who will soon wear the floor surface is no wear-resistant layer of the floor; and wear in 6000 before the phenomenon of the floor may have wear-resistant layer, but it must be domestic substandard products; Of the above products can be called in line with GB to strengthen the floor, in general, imports of the initial wear-resistant flooring value of 9000 or more.Outdoor Composite Wood Floor Suppliers - Seven Trust
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