Free Ultimate Ears Headphones

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by ThomasFlorida, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. ThomasFlorida

    ThomasFlorida New Member

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  3. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    Aweeeeessommmee! THANKS! :)
  4. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    used paypal method and it went thru.
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  5. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    Just enter the code and it'll be free
  6. ThomasFlorida

    ThomasFlorida New Member

    Use standard shipping and its free
  7. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    Thanks again.. I got the jade. so pretty. where was this offer posted?
  8. ThomasFlorida

    ThomasFlorida New Member

    On the Ultimate Ears Facebook Page. After 2500 new fans they give away 100 each but they decided to do 200 and the site crashed.
  9. PSBean

    PSBean Member

    won't accept the code, thnx for posting tho.
  10. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    ugh missed this one too.
  11. sojahseh81

    sojahseh81 New Member

    Man, it didn't work for me...I guess they might be out! Thanks for posting!
  12. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    Got my shipment confirmation right now! Wooooo thanks again
  13. instantkarma

    instantkarma Member

    Aww, I must've missed it. It says invalid promo code
  14. Anness

    Anness New Member

    Looks like they are doing it again, this was just posted on their FB page: "We are launching the last week of our July Promo. When we hit 64k fans by Friday we will give 100 of our followers UE100's!" Keep an eye on their FB page for the code if you're interested. These go fast!
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2011
  15. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    these are nice my son and hubby both wanted them. lol too bad i wasnt able to get 2 pair they will have to share !!!
  16. Anness

    Anness New Member

    They are live, but having some problems, they will post when it's working!
  17. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    ended forevvaaa
  18. halosong

    halosong New Member

    They are not free!

    This does not work! Why do you keep posting?
  19. Anness

    Anness New Member

    They were doing it once a week once they hit a certain amount of new likes on their FB page for July. Once it went live, they posted a new code & only the first 100 were able to get it. Today was the last day. It's over now :(.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2011
  20. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    because it is for the first 100 every time they hit 2000 new fans. the promo is now over. And most likely, every time you tried, either the code was not live or you missed it
  21. laurelnev

    laurelnev Active Member

    The main page is for freebie-type announcements only; in the forums, we both post and discuss freebies. Sometimes, an old post is "bumped". because the freebie has arrived, or folks are wondering if anyone's gotten it, or we want to discuss how cool/cheesy it is. I sometimes look at an old post I missed, and click on a LONG expired link, only to look closer at the 1st post, and realize it's ancient! I missed these headphones too :( , but I'm happy for those who got in, and am interested in their feedback.

    Once someone has posted "expired" or 'ended", there's not much point in trying to get something from that original link. There's only ONE thing to do when you've missed a freebie, and the follow up makes you click on the expired link, disappointing yourself in the process...


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