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Just signed up, does anyone know if I need to fill out a form when the clock runs out in five days?

Thank you for sharing!


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I agree the last one was really good. Except my husband ate the chocolate bar. :)

:kekeke:you let your Husband have your CHOCOLATE!!! hmmmm.better get to the mail first next time...

I just signed up and logged on for the first time.They have quite a few individual samples on the site if you want to fill the forms....:jump:


This is LIVE!! I am having DR Oz flashbacks, cuz I can't get the page to LOAD!!

LOL ! Finally got thru-the freebies & coups were well worth it !

Looks like Coffeemate,Blue Emu pain relief,Secret Clinical,Nonni's Biscotti,Wisk,GUM softpicks,Starbucks VIA,& Dream Water to name a few...
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i can sign in and click on see if i qualify then it wants me to sign in again even tho i am signed in so not sure whats going on-if even any are left


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submission won't go through....after so many attempts to get the page to load....ahhhhhhhh. Am I wasting my time?


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Just got this message...StartSampling's Sample Showcase servers are overloaded,

to stop frustrating so many of you were are taking things down for a bit.
Check back later - there are plenty of boxes yet to be ordered!

Thanks for you patience.
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