Free stuff from Doctor Oz tomorrow 11/2


Sweet and Sassy
As usual lately I haven't been able to get really any freebies like I used to. In fact I've been getting kicked off this site quite often as well.

You are not being kicked off her.The server gets overloaded and it happens to all of us.I did not what you to think it was just you:wavey:


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I did my entry on the free night at the hotel and then it said there was an error.. sketchers page reloaded on me and by the time it finished I missed out.. never had a chance on target.. so basically.. I didnt get anything!! :cry:

Pam i Am

New Member
yes meg, wintergal's right! we all are experiencing the same thing!...chris has been working on getting fst issues resolved, actually with the publicity lately about this site, i am surprised that it has been able to handle the traffic here as well as it has! (more and more people are getting informed about freebies and deals on the internet through Facebook and major magazines--i am happy that many of us are able to get the deals quickly when we can :) <thanks chris!!> as for this dr oz thing...add a million or so TV viewers and this "giveaway" was more of a "lottery" with only a few lucky winners <congrats to the winners>...don't worry, you will get more good ones, keep trying! :)


Resident House Cat
I couldn't get the shoes or the Target page to load so nothing there. I did manage to get the 24 Hour Fitness one so I am stoked about that.
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