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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Free reusable tote at target with a purchase on april 17 -thanks laurelnev

    Free Coffee or tea at Starbucks if you use a Travel Cup on April 22 -bottom right -thanks hoangvannt

    Free shopping tote at Disney Stores if you bring in 5 plastic shopping bags on April 22 -I'll add more when I have a link for this

    Free national park entrance April 16-24

    Free trees at special events in Texas

    Free shake at Evos on April 22]
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    Not sure if this would make it to the list but I've gotten a small following of Wichita followers to FST and I found a freebie for us! Earth Day at the zoo, free admission, kids get all sorts of goodies like flowers, plants, stickers, tattoos, coloring sheets, seeds, pens, kids have been going for 4 yrs now! Its always the day before Earth Day.
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    it had a drop-down box where you could pick from the list. lacking a better idea, i picked some kind of palm. i'm not following how this works though. it said they were offering this today only, but if i actually have to pick it up today, that isn't gonna happen!

    Thank you for being a part of the Lowe's Earth Day celebration by choosing a tree and registering it with us. Not only will your new tree add beauty to your yard or garden, but by planting it, you'll make a positive impact on the environment. Get some fun facts and helpful tips about your new tree below.
    Fan Palm [Chamarops humilis]

    This is Europe's only native palm tree and the most northerly occurring of all palms. The fan palm is drought-tolerant and also among the most cold-hardy of palms, surviving temperatures as low as 10°Farenheit. As its name indicates, the fan palm, which is also referred to as the European fan palm and Mediterranean fan palm, features triangular leaves that fan out in sprays at the end of its branches. Leaf color can vary greatly - from yellow gray to bluish green to gray green. Usually, fan palms remain under 15-feet tall, although the species has been recorded at 40 feet in Spain. Fan palms have become more popular in North America recently, as landscapers have become aware of their unusual cold-hardiness and drought-tolerance.
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  9. Christina

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    fan palm ... what a cool tree,very tropical looking.

    I was just checking out a post over at AFC and it appears that you go and get your tree first and then register it so it will become part of their map as to where and what trees are being planted. Wish I lived closer or I'd go get me a free tree, but its not going to happen for me either.

    Just this past week though, we splurged and got a membership to (because we wanted those 10 "free" trees). Memberships are $10 for 6 months or $15 for one year. Last day to order for spring shipping for my zone is april 30. With your first time membership you get 10 free trees (& free shipping) and you can select from approximately 10 packages of assorted trees and they are not cheap trees either. We picked the flowering tree assortment. After that you get membership prices on all their trees, bushes, etc and shipping is always a flat 4.95 no matter if one tree or one hundred. And there membership prices seem very reasonable - cheaper than i've seen at any stores around here. I'm always on the hunt for free/cheap trees because of having so much land to fill in. Just this past week I dug up four 6-8" saplings and moved them to a location that I need to fill in with trees. I have about 8 more trees i need to dig up and move, some around 24" already, and they will go in the woods I am building between our house and the neighbors. They are all native trees and fast grow (2-3' a year) and I am happy with my self-made woods progress over the past couple years. Only about three or four years and we should have our privacy. We will probably mow my starter woods just this one last year and then let nature take its course, but we need access to the starters first year because we go through droughts here in the summer and we need to be able to water them (first year to ensure survival) without fear of stepping on a snake if we didn't mow LOL.
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    oh well poop. i guess i COULD go get it. don't think i need it that badly though. didn't see what it looked like. probably just as well. :)
  11. hoangvannt

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    i wish there is any Lowes around here. i love palm tree
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    Most of the trees they offered were part of the pine family.I would have gotten one but I hate that sticky stuff they all have..and the needles stick too..ouch:noes:

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