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Thanks, Chris. I'm disabled, but do not carry a handicapped permit. I really like the idea of a sticker to identify us PWDs who choose not to use a disabled permit. I just hope folks who do NOT use mobility aids or medical equipment do not use these stickers. Too many folks "borrow" disabled parking placards as it.

(And before folks ask, at one point I did carry a disabled placard. Now, I am functional with the use of a cane. If I chose not to use the cane, I'd need the disabled placard. Instead, I use a cane and leave the handicapped spaces for the folks who truly need them. )


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I'm not disabled but I got this one because I have many friends at the VFW that are and I plan to give it to one of them.


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Another legitimate and generous reason to order one. :)

I did not mean to imply only PWDs should request these. I just hope someone doesn't order one so they can "get away with" parking in the fire lane while they "just run in".

(Total aside here. I used to live about a block away from the Main Post Office in a very urban/suburban area, with extremely limited parking. THe lot had only about a dozen spaces, including two h/c spaces in front of the door. 9/10 times, one was filled by a car with no placard, and someone was sitting in the other while the passenger "ran in". (Of course, I had no car; I walked up.) I'd huff and puff my was past the car, look at the person sitting inside, and say "THIS is why I had to park 2 blocks away?" They'd usually hem and haw, explaining they were just sitting there for a minute. I responded that "that minute" meant someone who NEEDED the space couldn't park there. Still get a kick out of doing that any time I walk past someone "standing" in a h/c spot. Usually makes quite a point. :) Just last week, my amputee friend, and I, the Chick w/ the Stick, made an impression on these 20-somethings. It was hysterical. The guy in the back seat wanted the driver to drive us back to our car so we could take the h/c space. My friend just said "I'd rather have my left leg than parking privileges any day!" Priceless!)
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