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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Jul 6, 2009.

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    lol. i answered you out in the chat thing but maybe you didn't see it. poor cat. he's so fat! but yes, i like most any cat! okay, somebody un-confuse me. finally got that ice cream and sent it to my other email. opened other email and it says friend sent you a coupon click on link. don't see what it wants me to click. the only link was at the bottom for so how would it know where to send this coupon or did i do that last night and i can't remember cuz it was late and i was tired?! :smile:
  2. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    Im pretty sure they mail it to ya, when u fill out the form for the free ice cream, they have u fill out your address.
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    but that would have been my address...not the friends. right?
  4. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    It says send it to a friend and in smaller text it says "But we wont know if you send it to yourself :)"

    So if you put your info in, and submitted, it will send it to you
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    i see. thanks buckeye. i did see that small text but they just were confusing me! not used to all this sneakyness. i USED to even always use my REAL birth date!
  6. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    No problem, glad to help :D
  7. yousaidfree

    yousaidfree New Member

    they just started this promotion over again
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    so we can do it again?
  9. Alicialicious

    Alicialicious New Member

    I think he means that it started over on the hour because when I try to do it again it says I already shared :(

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