Free Obama sticker


Brutally Honest
Hey Chris...crap what did I miss this time? Was on the main forum and saw this AND of COURSE I SIGNED UP FOR IT!!! Wanted to comment and say ty but it wouldn't let me...hee,hee,hee...I'll say ty here instead. While I know that you do not necessarily "endorse" the freebies that you post...I still wanted to ty for being open minded enough to post them. YEP, you guessed it...I am a HUGE O'bama SUPPORTER!!...Anyway...some of my narrow minded redneck neighbors will hate you...I love ya. And my lips are sealed...I promise not to tell them where I got this freebie...even if the f'ers tar and feather me....that is a real possibility in my town.... :eek:hno: :wiggle: :h5: :cool: :D :wink:

BTW...the closet "big town" as in less than 30 minutes away driving time is the last town that a legal lynching happened in...well ain't I just freaking proud. Just so there is no misunderstanding peeps...I was being sarcastic as hell with that last comment and yes I am as lily white in color as they come.


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Amen! Thanks for this, Chris.

No lynching around here, but I'm probably the only Obama supporter within a 30 mile radius though. Maybe someone will tar and feather my van once I put the bumper sticker on it. ...been looking for a way to get a new one!
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