Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. hippiekrystal

    hippiekrystal New Member

    :wavey:No email here congrats to everyone who won!
  2. lezanne34

    lezanne34 Well-Known Member

    who is the email from?
  3. Mandy83

    Mandy83 New Member

    its from nike subject: congratulation from nike and dr oz
  4. lezanne34

    lezanne34 Well-Known Member

    thank you Mandy :)
  5. e_chan89

    e_chan89 New Member

  6. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    Anyone wanna trade a $10 JCPenny Gift Certificate for their code? :) I didnt win. :(
  7. lezanne34

    lezanne34 Well-Known Member

    $10 code for a nike code?????
  8. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    Yep. $10 JCPenny Code
  9. CavzGirl2

    CavzGirl2 Still a Cavs fan

    :eek3: for a pair of Nikes??? Ur flat out crazy :kekeke:
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  10. Cyndie

    Cyndie Mommie Dearest

    repped u for that one:bowrofl:

    Shout out to bucky for posting:sadwavey:
  11. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    I just posted that, so In case someone was giving it away because the couldn't use it, they wouldn't have to give it away. :p
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  12. lezanne34

    lezanne34 Well-Known Member

    just was curious
  13. Dewdrop01

    Dewdrop01 New Member

    Aw really. maybe I didn't win like I had thought. Off to check my spam folder.
  14. Dewdrop01

    Dewdrop01 New Member

    Nada! Rats!!!

    Congrats everyone :) Thought for sure I had this one..
  15. jldavern

    jldavern New Member

    I got the confirmation at the time but I haven't received an e-mail with the promo code. Totally bummed.

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