Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. scmommy

    scmommy New Member

    Got me and hubby through.
  2. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    It's one per address, did you make sure to use 2 different ones? :)
  3. scmommy

    scmommy New Member

    Sure did!:kekeke:
  4. jldavern

    jldavern New Member

    I haven't gotten in any of the dr oz giveaways but you can't really complain over something they are giving you for free.
  5. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    My "confirmation" screen said that it's over.

    Kinda sucks that I had to submit my info before it actually told me that......
  6. MaehENang

    MaehENang New Member

    I missed it because I was at a dentist appt. Congrats to those who did get it!
  7. hollysaurusrawr

    hollysaurusrawr New Member

    Anyone get an e-mail about this yet?
  8. Dewdrop01

    Dewdrop01 New Member

    I haven't yet. But fwiw when I won the $50 gc to target, I *think* it was a few days before I had an email about it...
  9. mommyeiland

    mommyeiland New Member

    Did you get an email confirmation?:dunno:
  10. mommyeiland

    mommyeiland New Member

    What is the amazon motherload?
  11. scmommy

    scmommy New Member

    Not yet. Last time it took a few days. I filled one out for me and one under the hubby. Now its a waiting game.
  12. Dewdrop01

    Dewdrop01 New Member

    Anyone get confirmation yet??
  13. lezanne34

    lezanne34 Well-Known Member

    nothing for me was just thinking the same thing
  14. stella04

    stella04 New Member

    I got the confirmation email this morning. I can't decide which pair I want I'm so excited I haven't won anything in awhile:jump:
  15. Mandy83

    Mandy83 New Member

    I got the confirmation email this morning. I had NO IDEA I won!!! I picked the Nike Free XT Quick Fit + Women's Training Shoe in white & black.

  16. ScrmoftheBttrfly

    ScrmoftheBttrfly New Member

    I also got my confirmation this morning! I'm so excited I won! I picked Nike Free TR for my husband.
  17. secondact

    secondact New Member

    My first time winning ANYTHING! I'm very excited... and motivated to move my workouts outdoors!:jump:
  18. hollysaurusrawr

    hollysaurusrawr New Member

    Congrats to everyone that got this!
  19. wintergal

    wintergal Sweet and Sassy

  20. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    Didnt get a email yet, and I submitted 5 mins after it started. My dad really needs shoes and I was looking forward to this.

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