Free Heart thing in the next 10 minutes...

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by the.koreans, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. the.koreans

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    (Copy and Paste from facebook)

    Here we go folks. This post will self-destruct(be deleted) in 10 minutes so hurry!

    Step 1. Register with
    Step 2. Do a quick, unbiased survey about your experience with here:
    Step 3. Click on the link attached to this post titled "Experience Survey!" or visit to claim your thank you gift for submitting a survey.

    Offer ends soon! If you miss your chance to claim the gift we will post this again on Wednesday.

    Experience Survey!
    Do a quick survey on your experience with 1SaleADay within the next **10 Minutes** by going to Fill out the survey (including order #). If you did this before you are ineligible. (The order must be at least 7 days old.). As a thank you for you...
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  3. maverick75

    maverick75 New Member

    picture of the heart thing?

    I want to make sure it's worth it lol
  4. the.koreans

    the.koreans Member

    it's over... it said 10 minutes after all

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