Free Disney movie promo??


New Member
Did anyone else get an promotional email from Disney Movie Rewards saying that if you enter 2 blue ray codes before 2/28 then you get a free blue ray???

I got the emial at work today and I cant remember exactly what it said you have to do. It's driving me crazzzzy! Well, maybe I AM crazy. :rofl:


New Member
I'm at work now...

The email was sent out because this month marks my 1 year anniversary since I signed up for Disney Movie rewards...


Mommie Dearest
got the same email. iT gives u a choice of 3 movies to choose from if u enter a code by 2/28/11. :)


Thinking Member
yea we got that one on our yearly anniversary email, got our free dvd and got the points for it too LOL
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