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    I caved in a tried another sample box company. I thought I'd give BuluBox a try because I am a bit Vitamin obsessed. I ADORE THEM!! They have a better points program than the other boxes I've tired. You get 10 points for every product you review and you don't have to wait have a certain amount before you use them.

    There are 2 options to choose from:
    1) BuluBox- This box tends to have different vitamins, supplements, and health food samples. It also has free memberships to online training, yoga, exercise classes, etc.

    2) BuluBox Weight Loss- This box still has vitamins, supplements, and food samples, but they are all weight loss focused. I tried this box and it came with over $60 worth of products. It was great to be able to try 1/2 a months worth of a product to see if it really works. I also got protein bars, shakes, probiotics, and I have received gift cards and free codes to redeem for online training,nutrition counseling, and exercise classes.

    Most supplements are so expensive I prefer to try them before having to pay for a full size. I was REALLY impressed with my first BuluBox, so I signed up for a three month subscription.

    When you sign up, you will receive 10 points to use towards any full size products you want to purchase. :jump:

    To get your free box:

    1) Click here

    2) Choose the box that is right for you

    3) Select the 1 month option

    4) Go to checkout and enter the code: FREEBOX OR FIRSTONUS

    5) Select the option for free shipping and make sure your total reads $0.

    IMPORTANT! You will need a credit card and it will sign you up for the subscription. If you only want the free box, cancel your subscription after you receive it. To do this, log into your account. Click on "My Subscriptions" and then click "Edit." You should then see a link that says "Manage My Subscriptions" on the right hand side. Once you are there click "Cancel"

    If you LIKE the box you can get a 50% discount on 3 months with the code "JUMPONIT3" This means you can get 3 months for $15! :bigthumb:
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  3. rocksprite

    rocksprite Member

    Thanks! I signed up under your link. Here is my referral link:

    Thanks in advance for the information about signing up! I love these free box offers and I'm actually surprised that many of the products in these health food boxes taste good. I'm used to health and weight loss products tasting dry or medicinal with a bitter taste. To me, if the product tastes great I'll be a lifetime buyer. Thanks again for the codes.
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  4. denise

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    Thank You I got one today!
  5. LSG

    LSG New Member

    No problem guys! I hope you like the box as much as I do! The Bulu Weightloss box I got in August gave me a $20 code for more supplements at Daily Burn on top of the 30 free trial. I've loved the perks that come along with the subscription.

    The regular BuluBox for August has a $50 iTrain gift card in it! I hate I missed that one.
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