Free Americam Music Awards party Kit

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by ThomasFlorida, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. ThomasFlorida

    ThomasFlorida New Member

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  3. Scubabobby

    Scubabobby New Member

    Wow nice party pack-thanks for the info!
  4. CARAMEL42

    CARAMEL42 Member

    My daughter got this last year and it was very nice, the kids had a wonderful time. Wonder can she get it again this year:dunno::fingersx:
  5. Ladysteeler

    Ladysteeler Member

    I did this one last year. One of the better parties we had. Very nice.! Looks like they are choosing 750.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2011
  6. destyne

    destyne New Member

    my sister got this one last year and this year, i have no clue how i get stuck with all the teen girls at my house and my mom gets the night off at hers lol.
  7. Lugnut

    Lugnut New Member

    Filled up already!
  8. Ladysteeler

    Ladysteeler Member

    We signed up a couple of hours before your post so was able to do that but have not heard anything back yet. It said it would let you know if you are one of the first 750.

    Just got email and signed consent form.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2011
  9. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    I just got my email and signed the consent form. Thank you ThomasFlorida for your post, I would have missed this if not for you. :bowdown::kiss:
  10. Ladysteeler

    Ladysteeler Member

    Same here. I would have missed as well. Added to reputation.
  11. justjane07

    justjane07 Cam's Hot Cookin' Mama

    I already signed up, got accepted and Im getting the super party! Plus we got it last year as well :)
  12. Ladysteeler

    Ladysteeler Member

    Thats awesome. I am just now sending out invites. I see you have to get 25 responses or something like that to get the super party.
  13. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    aww i missed it!
  14. DisneyBride

    DisneyBride New Member

    Thanks for posting this!
    Managed to get in, my daughter is so excited.
  15. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    I got the Super Party. YAY!!! :jump: Thanks JustJane07 for mentioning it, I probably wold have missed it on my page.
  16. destyne

    destyne New Member

    anyone know what the super party part of it is?
  17. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    No idea, it just says extra stuff(maybe extras of the shirts and stuff, IDK) Hopefully it's extra sodas and an extra Pizza card. :drool:
  18. Scubabobby

    Scubabobby New Member

    That babys picture is so precious! How is she doing? Wow a new born and a teenager, busy mom!
  19. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    Thank you. She is doing great. I don't actually have a teenager. My sister is 15, I got this for her(she stays here sometimes[weekends, summer, etc]). But I do have a 4 year old boy with Autism, so it's more work than a teenager.
  20. xxFinallyxxLoved

    xxFinallyxxLoved Awesome Member

    aww poop, I missed out. No papa johns for me :( Congrats to all those who were able to get it!
  21. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    HI TIFF!!! :hug: I've missed you. How have you been? So sorry you missed this. :(

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