Free $25 Housewares Deals GC for referring friends


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just wrote them and they already responded with they are looking into my account and seeing whats going on :) hopefully i get it so i can buy something for myself lol


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I emailed them, I also brought up the fact that I had referred more than 10, and it was before the limit one per account.. I should get what I am owed but we will see.


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I had to call them to place my order. And they lady said that shipping COULD BE taken off with the Gift Card. I had problems with my GC..The lady said there was an error with it and that why it told me to contact customer support when I was trying to place my order. You NEED a credit card on file to send the items though she said. I just used a prepaid card since they were not going to charge my card. And she said that there was alot of errors going on with other GC's as well. So I hope everything is good. She also said they will either email me or call me in a day or so to confirm my order. This was a pain in my ass. Let me tell you. I got 3 GC's but gave 1 away as an ROAK and now I have 2 left 1 with $25 and one with $10.55 on it. I have to call in each time I want to order something from them if I am using my GC's She said.

Anyone else have this problem?


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i emailed them today they apologized but never sent it to me! asked me for my name and address to "verify" then I never heard anything


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After I emailed them asking for my gift certificates, they sent me one $25 code. I then emailed them again and asked when I would get the other one since I referred 20 friends and it was before it was changed to limit one per customer. After sending about 3 emails I sent another email and was politely rude with them. I told them that I was very disappointed and that if they offer something to their customers, they should honor it without having to be sent emails asking about them. I also told them that they have terrible customer service. I then got an email from the head customer service rep and she had my second $25 code sent within a few hours. She also told me if I had any problems redeeming them to email her directly.

I was ordering the 6 quart pressure cooker for my Mom and it kept telling me to check my payment methods and wouldn't let the order be submitted. So I emailed her and told her that I do not have a credit card, but it shouldn't be necessary since the gift code more than covered the cost. I also told her that since their deals only last one day I was concerned it would expire before the corrected the problem. 10 minutes later she emailed me saying I would not miss out on that deal and to give her the gift code number and my complete mailing address and she would process it immediately. Within 10 minutes of sending the info to her, she sent me the order number and told me to expect delivery within 5-7 days. She also told me to email her directly if I had problems redeeming the remainder of my gift certificates.

:kekeke: I told her that the rest of their customer service team should take lessons from her because she has been excellent and the only one who even tried to help me.

So if you haven't gotten your gift code yet, email them. Don't be afraid to be a little rude. Sometimes it pays off!
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