Free $10 Gift Card you can pick Amazon or other for 21st Century Insurance Free quote

I did the quote and when I got finished I saved the quote and about 10 to 15 minutes later got an email with a link to the $10 Amazon gift card that I picked from several choices. The code was good and I added it to my Amazon account.
It did not take any time at all and I did get a phone call from an agent that I told I was still looking for the gift card and they didn't know anything about that. No other calls they don't sell your info.
Awesome freebie.


Thanks. I go the Amazon card too. I added it with no problem. I didn't list my real number so I didn't even get a call. I did start getting emails to check my quote so I unsubscribed and it was worth the 10.00 card.
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Thanks! :wavey:Interesting process. Looking forward to the amazon bucks.:h5:

Got it! Yay! Thanks again!
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What is the email address that send the gift card or the subject line of the email because I didn't receive anything?


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Not sure if this is still working or not because it says it was a Cyber Monday gift.



I signed up the day after cyber Monday and got one the next day. However, a friend signed up after I got mine and they have not gotten the gift card. So? Maybe take a chance - I did not give my phone number seeing that others did get a call. (Thanks for posting) :xmas:



Thought I would post. My friend did get the gift card yesterday - said they contacted 21 Century through their "contact us". Said it took 4 emails however. So up to you. :r:
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