Fitness toe bag filled and $5 CVS GC


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I e-mailed customer service they responded and said "completed" means you will receive the item in 6 to 8 weeks. I am a bit skeptical because two of my items say "Received" and I have not received any items thus far.


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uh. shot them a message as well... waiting for response. but i'm in the same boat as the rest... SO LAME!


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I agree.. totally LAME! And Shoptext totally sucks. That was a rather rude response!

I am confused just like the rest. One rep says that completed means you are not getting anything period and another says that it means that you will get it in 6-8 weeks.. Neither of those make sense, because I did it on TIME and got NOTHING. They screwed up big time eh? just send me my things!
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FYI everyone...I got the Fitness tote today with the CVS giftcard and full sized products...hope others start getting theirs soon too. :)


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I got mine on Thursday so they are on the way. I never recieved anything back saying i got in the night it was but i still got it so hopefully everyone will get theres. :)


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I just signed up for shoptext online just to see what all was listed for me. I checked under "My Shoptext" and for my CVS tote bag offer, I clicked it and I saw someone else's address. I won't say her whole name but it was under "Laura S. of IL". How crazy is that!!? I wrote them. They better fix it and send my tote with the stuff in it to me! All the other offers had my correct address.
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