Fashion Playtes $20 gift code= FREE


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Use Code: ONE20

$20 Off your first purchase by entering ONE20 at checkout
This offer includes $20 Off of gift certificates too! Perfect for the holidays!!

Register with website and design away!

“I just ordered a short sleeve tee w/pink flower applique for $14 + $6 shipping = $20. NO PAYMENT INFO necessary as it was less than the $20 gift code. Said I would receive it within 3 weeks. Also, can be used to purchase a $25 gift card.â€

This is a website where tween girls 6-12 can design their own clothes. Starts with a base price and the prices go up as you add embellishments. They have headbands for $5.


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I got it yesterday, its in flash player, be patient and wait for it to load!! It will appear evevtually.


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I guess I was one of the lucky ones. :bowdown: I completed the offer immediately upon receiving the email from One2One and have a confirmation email that says it will ship USPS Priority mail within 3 weeks :fingersx:


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I will try again. I tried the moment the post went up, made the shirt but it was getting hit so hard it wouldn't let me checkout.
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