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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Stormy Weather, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    Don't know if this was posted yet, but Coinstar is once again doing the "cash in $40 for a gift card, get a $10 gift card free" offer.

    Right now looks like limited merchants, but rumor is that Amazon is being added in the mix later this week.

    ■Take at least $40 worth of coins to your local Coinstar Machine
    ■Select to receive your money as either iTunes, Lowe’s, Borders, Regal Entertainment or Rixty eCertificates. Coin counting is free when you select an eCertificate.
    ■The machine will process your coins and give you a receipt with an eCertificate number on it to the merchant of your choice
    ■Enter the promo code off your receipt here (Coinstar site). It will instruct you on how to redeem your bonus $10 eCertificate.
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  3. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

  4. imjustagirl

    imjustagirl New Member

    Don't know where to get $40 worth of coins from, but that is a good find.
  5. Kmarie

    Kmarie Wallflower Member

    Wish they had Amazon ;) Well they do starting 12/9 lol yay
  6. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    I did it last year with Amazon, so I am waiting for that. :jump:
  7. Kmarie

    Kmarie Wallflower Member

    :h5:I am too Im excited I am getting low on codes :kekeke: now I need to search for change
  8. maggie6872

    maggie6872 New Member

    I can appreciate that comment. I was so broke at one time that I walked thru the laundromat looking for coins, amazing what you could find. Try around vending machines if you need to scrounge. Snackers can be lazy!

    Wishing you luck for the holidays!
  9. aaemail

    aaemail Member

    Do you have to pay to use the coinstar machine?
  10. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    There is a fee if you are cashing in the coins for money.

    However, there is no fee if you are cashing in the coins to get an eCertificate -- $40 in coins gets you a $40 certificate.

    If you have a TD Bank near you, their Penny Arcade machine does not charge a fee to convert coins to dollars (you do not have to be a bank customer to use it).
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2010
  11. peanut24

    peanut24 New Member

    Excited for this tomorrow for amazon, but it says on the coinstar site, so everyone is aware
    "The $10 credit Can be applied to toys and games"

    Kinda lame if you ask me that they are telling me how I can spend the bonus. And Its seems the $10 is mailed to you, does not say email, so who knows when it will arrive. I did not do this last year, was this how it was then too?
  12. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    I did it last year. There was no limit on what you could spend it on -- it was just like a swagbucks code.

    I am trying to remember how I got it -- I THINK that I entered the code on the web site, and then they mailed me (snail mail, not e-mailed) the card/code. I'm not 100% sure though -- I might be remembering some other deal.

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