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Found this on another forum. I guess technically it can go under free because you get a free $25 Omaha Steaks GC. I followed these instructions. I'm getting: a 6" NY style cheesecake, 6 (4 oz) burgers, cutlery and and a cutting board and it only cost me $1.98. I didn't see the thing about the referral though at the bottom until it was too late so I missed out on the additional dozen free burgers. But if anyone does this message me and I'll send you my link so you can get 18 free burgers. Also it says an hour for the geico email but it actually took for me close to 3 hours to get the email

OK guys this is too good to pass up!!! There is a stackable deal right now that if you sign up through Geico Privileges (don't have to have a policy) you get a $25 gift card for Omaha Steaks. Combine that with the current promotion Omaha Steaks has going and you get 18 burgers, a free cutting board, and a 6 peice cutlery set for $1.98 including shipping!!!! These are the deals I look for, just think about free Xmas presents and you get great burgers CHEAP!

Here is what you do...

1. Goto Geico Priveleges sign up, as I said you don't have to have a policy with them for this program. In about an hour they will send you an email with a $25 gift card code for Omaha Steaks.

2. Click the link below....


This will add the deal to your cart in Omaha Steaks for the free stuff. Add anything else to your cart for $12.99 or more, MORE FREE STUFF! You might try something cheaper, but they are saying it is not always working.

3. Goto Checkout, shipping will be added of $13+ but the gift card will cover it. You will have to enter a credit card for the balance, but hey that is a GREAT price for Omaha burgers, those things ROCK!

Update - Ok I got my gift card number email, I had to click the link they sent a couple of time to get the gift card number to show up. When I first clicked it all I saw was a list of offers, if this happens close that window and click the link again. I had to do that three time to get the number.

Update 2 - Ok this gets better and better, when you complete your purchase you get an offer to invite friends to shop at Omaha Steaks for each 2 that purchase you get another $20 gift card PLUS your invites each get 12 free burgers. So here is my proposal if you plan on signing up email me your email address and I will send you an invite, you get ANOTHER 12 burgers free! Then invite all your friends and tell them about this deal, you get more free burger/steaks or a combo with $45 to spend and they get free burgers!


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I signed up it say's ohio residence is not valid hmmm!Owe well i tried good luck to all!!!!!!!!!! :x:


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peanut24 said:
well I got my email, says nothing about the GC just congrats on signing up? :dunno:
I dont think it comes to everyone for some reason. :dunno:


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I did get the email and the link did have the gc code I ordered the burgers got 12 4oz burgers for 3.98 still a good deal. But I think I went about it the wrong way missed out on the cuttlery. Oh well you win some you lose some.
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