anyone get this e-mail yet??

i just got this e-mail......


Thank you for interest in the July 7, 2010 "Everyone Wins Wednesday" giveaway that ended at 2:08 PM PT on that day.

In order to be considered for the giveaway, your Facebook or Twitter post and email to us must have been received by 2:08 PM PT. Unfortunately, your email arrived later than that time.

We appreciate your interest and support, and wish you best of luck in the next contest.

Thank you,
The Napster Team



New Member
copy this from some guy on facebook:
"Hey all, you DON'T need to search through all the post to find your post. Use these steps:
* Go to your Profile page
* In your recent activity section, find this line:
<your facebook name> wrote on Napster's Wall.

* If you click on "Napster" link , you will see which of Napster's post you wrote on. Make sure it's the Napster giveaway post. Else you will have to go down further down your profile page to find the right one.... See More
* The key here is to click on the "Wall" link, then you will get the link of your post to the giveaway. Follow the instructions in the email and include this link."

i finally figure the stupid thing out. make sure to follow the rules highlighted in red.

The problem is, I commented on their status, not on their wall.

Pam i Am

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**the rules to this keeps you simply need to input the link to the status message..go to your Facebook "profile" page..scroll down until you see July 7th where you on the date time link and it will take you to the original status message from them....highlight and copy that url link and put it in the response email where it indicates....COMPANIES THAT ARE TOO IGNORANT TO RUN A PROPER PROMOTION AND THEN KEEP CHANGING THE RULES TO SUIT THEIR NEEDS ARE REALLY PATHETIC!!!grrrrrr...(sorry had to vent for a minute)

Pam i Am

New Member
oh and btw..i think the reason that they HAD to change this is because they thought that we could locate our own comment by clicking that link..NOPE NOT HOW FACEBOOK WORKS...i pretty much scrolled 9,000 comments yesterday to locate mine (properly answered and on time) only to see that it didn't matter..the url link was exactly the same for ALL 9,000 comments..oh double grrrrrrrrr!
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