Another free mousepad from Artscow

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by Mishie, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Mishie

    Mishie Friendly Member

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  3. Billie

    Billie Wise Crackin' Mama

    This is the message I got: "Sorry, this deal only applys to people on Facebook who have 50 friends". :io:
  4. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    Add everyone from here! I started with like 25 or so and now I'm up to 95! LOL
  5. Billie

    Billie Wise Crackin' Mama

    How do I do that? :dunno:
  6. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    There is a thread somewhere where everyone posted their facebook.
  7. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    So it says if you refer people, the top 25 people will also get a tote bag. I know two of my friends have already clicked my link. Does anyone know if/how I show up on the list?
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  9. Billie

    Billie Wise Crackin' Mama

  10. crazy-oldy-mom

    crazy-oldy-mom Active Member

  11. tiggerchick

    tiggerchick Resident House Cat

  12. Kristin

    Kristin Witty Wonderwoman

    did anyone else get charged $1.99 for shipping?
  13. Billie

    Billie Wise Crackin' Mama

  14. Mishie

    Mishie Friendly Member

    There is also a limit of 2000 free mousepads per day.
    For those of you having trouble with this, you need to click connect to facebook, then click share and you have to have at least 50 friends on facebook in order for the code to work. Hope that helps!
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2010
  15. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    how are they going to know you posted it? I am so confused.
  16. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    When you share on facebook, they get notified.

    And when you share, you are actually posting a referral link. Mishie now has over 200 referrals! And the top 25 people to refer the most get a free shoulder bag too!

    I want it so bad, lol
  17. Billie

    Billie Wise Crackin' Mama

    Limit of 2000 free mousepads.
  18. Mishie

    Mishie Friendly Member

    Yeah, I fixed it. I was in a hurry and forgot a zero. lol
  19. Mishie

    Mishie Friendly Member

    I didn't even notice the contest and didn't realize I posted a referral link until I read your comment on the main page. I just copied and pasted the link from my browser to share with everyone. I was just looking at the bag, and I'll be very happy if I win it! Right now it looks like I'm leading with the referrals at 342. I think you're in the top 25 right now too Krissy. Hope we both win!
  20. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    If anyone has a code that the don't want, pm me it. My bs account doesn't have 50 friends lol.
  21. Robyn

    Robyn Member

    how come im getting charged 4.99 for shippings. said 260 something left for today.
    never mind, got it!
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2010

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