**ADULT ITEMS** "Adam & Eve" HOT DEAL 50% OFF + Free Shipping + 3 Free Gifts

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by StayC, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. candy

    candy Miss Congeniality

    mine just said free gift-maybe cause it was just batteries. dang maybe I should order something else:dunno:
  2. StayC

    StayC New Member

    wut promo code did u use?
  3. jenniferclay

    jenniferclay Mrs. Jack Sparrow member

    :kekeke: cock ring :naughty: make my man last longer bby!! :naughty::rofl:
  4. candy

    candy Miss Congeniality

  5. zoe26

    zoe26 New Member

    is it still working for everyone else i dont think its going to work for me
  6. jenniferclay

    jenniferclay Mrs. Jack Sparrow member

    it worked for me last night.
  7. MeShA

    MeShA Ran Ragged Mama

  8. Are you ordering with this code under the same account every time?? Or are you having to use diff?? I just placed my first order....hope it works for a while cuz I see a few more things I want LOL :rofl: Thanx for sharing :bowrofl:
  9. harleybella

    harleybella New Member

    haha! the balls remind me of paper weights... how funny would it be to have them on a desk and people complement them and only you know that they are!!! lol
  10. MeShA

    MeShA Ran Ragged Mama

    I was thinking of that!! :rofl: I looked at hubby, and was like, "Um, aren't those the lil chinese stress balls? Now I see why they can relieve stress!" :rofl:
  11. hawkins43920

    hawkins43920 pretty in pink

  12. StayC

    StayC New Member

  13. Mishie

    Mishie Friendly Member

    If you sign up for their email list, you will get ALL KINDS of offers from them. I get at least one almost every day and I've never ordered from them. Here's a deal I just got:


    You have to order $17 worth of stuff and you will get the following :

    The orgasm for two sex kit FREE

    Kit includes:
    Real feel stroker
    Adam & Eve soft touch mini bullets
    Sample of Tickle Her Pink
    Sample of Like a Virgin
    And 13 FREE videos (Red Hot Sex Sampler 4 DVD pack)
    Plus an extra free mystery gift

    It also says something about giving the orgasm for two sex kit and they will take $10 off your order so you can treat yourself too.

    (If you click on the link you will see all the details.)


  14. :h5:
    wow :cool: Wonder if you can use this & the 50% off code at the same time......
  15. candy

    candy Miss Congeniality

    I got this today WTF- I ordered BATTERIES:rofl: and my free gift was lube and a special gift, no triplexxx

    Thank you for your recent order

    Unfortunately, we cannot ship some, or all of the items you ordered, as
    the laws regarding the sell of adult videos, magazines or books in your
    area are too vague, and our attorneys have advised us not to ship those
    products to your state.

    If you paid by check or money, a refund for the items not shipped will
    be mailed to you seperarately. If you paid by credit card, you will
    only be charged for the items that actually shipped.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.


    Customer Service
  16. ByandBy

    ByandBy New Member

    Guess that will be their new 'thing' for not being able to ship it to some...lol

    They have sent me stuff in the past so they need not go there with me. :)

    OH I so would go for the value of the extra gifts they couldn't send and make them refund that! I'd raise hell

    I'd write back and say you did not buy the videos they were coming as a 'gift'.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2010
  17. StayC

    StayC New Member

    ohh no worries You will still get your order. You must be in a state that sex toys are illegal that happens to orders going to alabama, some parts of texas, arkansas, utah and one other I forget? you may not get the 3 disk set tho? not sure but most likely you will tho
  18. StayC

    StayC New Member

    nope tired it and it doesnt work says "you have already used a sourse code for this order"
  19. ByandBy

    ByandBy New Member

    Nope not here ( Alabama). Have ordered quite a few items from them and got them all. ;) Not only this we have shops that sell those items here ( and whoah at some things they sell) , as well. Not sure if that is a different stipulation due to being in the mail . :)

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