$7 0ff The Price Of The 2011 Entertainment Book +Free Shipping!


Great coupons in this book. I know it seems early to purchase it, but if you were going to purchase it make sure you have it home by january 1st, so you can take advantage right away on all the discounted coupons. Now get $7 off the cover price of the 2011 Entertainment Book Plus Free Shipping! This offer ends 11/14.The price now with this offer is $28.http://www.entertainment.com/discount/?LinkName=10AFF_CJ&affiliateID=10795617|1&orcustom=

the 2011 coupons are useable now. a lot of their coupons run from november to november.
thanks for that info webhunting.info. This will be my first year that i will purchase the book, so thanks i didn't know you can take advantage of the coupons so early.As far as buying the book at mypoints.com. the 2000 pts to get for the purchase is a great deal especially if your saving points for something. I guess it all depends if you want that $7 in your pocket or if getting those points is worth giving up $7.
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