$6.99 for a $10 Bk card - for new customers only


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fine print states:
• Offer exclusively for new customers to OnSale.com
• Only 1 BK® Crown Card per customer, shipping address, credit card billing, and household
• This printout will serve as your receipt only and cannot be used for redemption
• OnSale will ship BK® Crown Card as first class mail within 7-10 business days to your credit card billing address
• For shipping address different from credit card billing address, call 1-888-760-0300 to change address accordingly
• Please call within 24 hours of purchase for change of shipping address requests to avoid delay to shipment
• This offer is bound by OnSale.com terms and conditions – www.onsale.com
• Use and redemption of BK® Crown Card are bound by BURGER KING® terms and conditions - http://bkcrowncard.com/terms.aspx


When it says, 'For new customers only' ... what exactly defines a new customer? Is a new email required, and/or a new billing address, and/or shipping address, and/or new credit card? Thanks for your help!
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