4 categories of wood floor maintenance Raiders


4 categories of wood floor maintenance Raiders

Reinforced wood flooring is much simpler than solid wood flooring. When cleaning the floor, pay attention to keep the floor dry, do not use plenty of water to wash, pay attention to avoid local long-term flooding. Clean the stain when the use of neutral detergent treatment, to avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture and so on. In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep the indoor temperature is also conducive to extend the life of the floor. Strengthen the floor does not require paint and waxing, and solid wood flooring is different, should not use sandpaper polished.composite decking specifications

Solid wood flooring in the maintenance, pay attention to the ground dry and clean. In the laying of solid wood flooring, if not do moisture treatment, the bathroom and the room did not do the isolation of the ground, will affect the life of the floor. And the water is wet or scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, will damage the paint brightness. Summer did not pay attention to pull the curtains, so that the bed after the sun exposure will appear after the color cracking. Air conditioning temperature is too low, so that day and night temperature changes are too large, causing the floor expansion or contraction is too intense, resulting in deformation of the floor, cracking and so on. Flooring in the use of the process, if the individual flooring from the shell or fall off, should be promptly picked up the floor, shovel the old glue and gray, coated with new plastic compaction. It is also the best way to keep the wax once a month, but wipe the water vapor and stains before waxing.

Solid wood flooring is made of different types of plate staggered laminated, to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood floor unilateral homogeneity, dry shrinkage expansion rate is small, with good dimensional stability, and retain the solid wood flooring natural wood and Comfortable foot feeling. Solid wood flooring both to strengthen the stability of the floor and solid wood flooring aesthetics, but also has environmental advantages. When cleaning, you can use a clean broom to sweep the dust and debris, and then wipe dry water wipes manual wipe, such as the area is too large, you can wash the cloth mop, and then hang up drip drip, used Drag the ground.solid deck panels privacy

Strengthen the composite floor, wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, grass-roots, balanced layer composition. One of the great advantages of strengthening the floor is easy maintenance. Its aluminum oxide wear-resistant surface layer so that the dirt and dust completely stained on the floor, so you clean up the day only need to use a vacuum cleaner or semi-dry mop can be wiped clean. Nail polish, brushes, fruit juice and even asphalt can also be used to remove the general cleaning agent, without the need for someone to deal with.

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