200 Free pepsi stuff points


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http://webapps.vmtv.com/download/eula.html -download the game. Onceyou've registered and opened the game go to Hills Virtual Club under places, and find the pepsi machine. Spend the $1000 that they gave you on that, and you will get 200 pepsi stuff points. Thanks krista for the tip. It's kind of a big program/install


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so whats the deal here with these pepsi points? do you have to make a new account is it a pain in the butt to do?? lol can you do this multiple times?? :pat:


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for some reason you cant get the points right now, so i took it off the site til they fix it


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Ya, I had the same question. What do we do with the points, and is it really worth it? I just told my kids this afternoon to start bringing those pepsi/coke stuff to me after they are done with them so I can log the points on to my account, but I am wondering if it is worth it. I saw all the stuff some of you got, but isn't there something with the pepsi site that was "figured out" so it is now not as good of a deal?

Maybe I am getting them all mixed up!



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the coke rewards STINKS I have collected almost 1000 over the last yr and there is nothing NOTHING nothing NOTHING worth spending my pts on I am really pissed about that too!!! I wish I could convert them to pepsi points :rofl: hahahahaha


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Okay I did this to get the 200 points.......... I had no idea how time consuming it would be. Took me 4 hours, but part of that was breaks and prob an hour was me trying to figure stuff out. If someone has a lot of time on their hands and really wants the Pepsi points, here is a detailed how to, hopefully, to shave some time off for you. You will have to print this out to view it though because this is an avatar virtual world that will take up your whole screen. Okay first.......

Download program
Register (pick name and avatar)
Then there will be an orange bar at the bottom of the screen click Places
then Favorite Places
then Virtual Hills Club AREA go there

*** AT this point you should be outside, if you are in a building you are in the wrong spot and need to start over at the orange bar

Look to your right and you should see the Pepsi machine (looks just like ones in the real world)
walk up to machine and once you get close enough there should be a little arrow......click on it
Pop up Window, click BUY
Another pop up Window, close down
Click Buy again and close the next window again........do this over and over and over until your $ sign on the orange bar is 0

I personally walked my avatar away from the machine and people, so I could be along! :rofl:
Then on orange bar click "My MTV"
then MY Closet
My Stuff
now you can see the bottle caps, click on one
then click reveal code......WRITE DOWN YOUR CODE
Repeat for all your codes

from orange bar, My MTV
My Closet
Sort ---- this puts all your caps together so that other "stuff" isn't in your way

I also suggest revealing 11 codes at a time and seperate codes on your paper by 11 also so that you will know if you skip one.
then you can go to My MTV, My Closet, Organize and DISCARD the top 11 caps this way once you finish writting down 11 codes (this is the amount that is visible w/out having to scroll down) you will deleate exaclty 11 codes, then you aren't fishing through codes you already have to reveal the unused ones.

I hope this helps anyone who decides to do this......I was lost in virtual world for awhile until I figured this all out. I regreted starting it an hour into it, but once I got started I just couldnt leave those 200 points there!! :rofl: :rofl:
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