$20 running shoes free shipping too were $100!

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by helobuff, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Im so glad that alot of you got in on this deal! But if you didnt.. guess what! There is more! Alot more.. including Sandals! The sale price doesnt come up until you select a pair most are $19.90~ use the free shipping code! if you already used it once, fill your shopping cart and then call them.. they will put it in on their end (save the code- I did).. I got three more pairs.. $58.90 shipped! Woohoo! $300.00 worth of shoes! Great shoes too! Not all for me of course. They sells womens, mens and kids shoes. all kinds.
    http://www.teva.com/search.aspx?searchfor=sale Run Run Run! I love this place!
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    Gee I tried to post some photos of the shoes, it didnt work! Oh well. use the link I put above, takes you to the search I did for sale items.. otherwise they dont show up on their site! The only ones that dont have a sale price on them is the mens seasyde for some reason.
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    Update.. I called them, they said the men's seasyde shoes showing at $95.00 are also on sale for $19.90 but you have to call them for the price and to order them at that price. They are super nice. So if you are interested.. go get them!
    Most shoe prices show up when you click on the shoe, but the seasyde doesnt .. you have to call to order. http://www.teva.com/search.aspx?searchfor=sale
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    One more thing.. for size info use this link http://www.teva.com/customerService/Sizing.aspx
    Teaches you how to measure for particular shoes and sizes.. really easy, I did it, it works! Hope this helps for those of you that were on the fence about buying because the size chart doesnt pop up.
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    is the CM centimeter to check your size???

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