$1.00 Flip Flops at Old Navy Saturday, May 23rd.

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Sandy, May 19, 2009.

  1. Sandy

    Sandy New Member

    Posted elsewhere:

    Old Navy: $1 Flip Flops on Saturday, May 23rd

    Be sure to get to your Old Navy early on Saturday, May 23rd for the flip flop $1.00 sale! Last year this was crazy, so expect a little chaos and maybe even a "crazy lady" or two! :)
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  3. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member


    Maybe I'll check it out if my local Old Navy isn't too packed lol

    Thanks for the heads up!
  4. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    I just read on another forum that it's $1 per shoe, $2 for a pair lol

    The ladies on that forum are saying this is such a rip off and a scam. Where are people getting cheaper flip flops? Cause so far the cheapest I've found any pair worth buying is for $6 at Walgreens lol
  5. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member

    I went last year when they did this and it was $1 a pair-but it was sooooooooo crowded so be prepared.

    I'm glad they put a limit on how many you can buy.
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  6. laceylovespink

    laceylovespink New Member

    There were a ton of different colors and styles at dollar tree for a dollar. I don't have an old navy near me so good luck to all who do!! Let us know how it goes!!
  7. snazzyd

    snazzyd White Rabbit

  8. ByandBy

    ByandBy New Member

    I am not even going to try that sale. The flip flops are cheap anyways and not the prettier ones..lol But a good price if your in that area. Old Navy is about 30 minutes from me so not worth it here. AND! It is pouring RAIN! :(
  9. Mykatzrphat

    Mykatzrphat Thinking Member

    OMG my daughter went out to breakfast at a place that was rigtht across from our Old Navy. OMG you would have thought it was black friday! There was a line down the entire sidewalk! It was like a stampede when they opened the doors! We decided there was no way we were going--SO not worth it for 5 pairs of cheap flip flops. Well, later on, after the last yard sale in that area, we decided to try our luck, thinking that the crowd would have died down. Nope...the line to pay was snaked throughout the entire store, and we were told it was an hour and a half wait to check out. :bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl: ah, no. NOOOOOOOOOOO......I went over to target, paid $2.97 for a pr of flip flops, and was out of there in 5 minutes.
  10. jfsva3

    jfsva3 New Member

  11. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    Have you tried on the ones at the Dollar Tree though? Maybe they are better this year, but last year I bought a pair and, while I didn't mind them at first, the strap part started to really hurt my feet and they started to come apart. And I was only wearing them around the house :/
  12. go_go_girl112586

    go_go_girl112586 New Member

    bf went to today and got there a hour early and then when they unlocked that door there was akready 400 people in line with their 10 kids!!!

  13. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    On another forum some ladies were saying they witnessed car accidents in the parking lot, people screaming at the sales people because of the limit 5 per person, etc etc.

    It's insane what people will do. I know they're cheap, but gosh, I would rather pay a little more knowing I'm going to get something I like rather than what's left and knowing it won't take me an hour to get through the check out
  14. Ava

    Ava Glamorous Member

    seriously! they're just flip flops people :rofl:

    but i do remember, when i was younger and we still had eckerd's, they had sales for 10cents packs of paper
    i saw women fighting over a box of paper that an employee was trying to open - they were literally bashing each other in the head trying to get to the paper first!! :eek3: it was insane
  15. ajollygirl2

    ajollygirl2 New Member


    just beware of the ones you get that are made in China.

    The best deal I have found for children's flip flops is Children's Place. 2 pair for $5. and that is their regulag price. And what I like is the smaller sizes have the strap around the back of the foot. I believe the sunglasses are the same price.
  16. Carina89

    Carina89 Contest Queen

    i dont like the cheap ones..i get my flip flops at foot locker or such the nike ones and there strap dont hurt all the plastic ones hurt for me
  17. sheri

    sheri Active Member

    I don't wear flip flops ...can't stand the thingy between my toes...but i did get these last yr for my son...we went in the afternoon and they didn't have much of a selection but we did get one pr of blue and one brown...they seem to be better made then the cheapy ones...a nice thick bottom that won't wear out as fast....i can't believe so many people waiting for flip flops...that's just plain nuts!
  18. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    OH MY GOD!!! Those pictures are horrible! They look to only get worse as the days go on!
  19. Alicialicious

    Alicialicious New Member

    I had work today but I made it to Old Navy at 7:00 p.m. and they were all gone from the racks but I walked up and down the stores and through the go-backs and found an Women's 8 for me and a Women's 9 for me in brown! :jump: They are cute on my feet!
  20. jennp

    jennp New Member

    We went in the afternoon and there was a little bit of a crowd but nothing major. There wasn't much left but the employees were telling people just to buy whatever was there and come back in a week when they get more to exchange them for the right sizes. That's what I did when they had their $7 jean sale & it worked like a charm, so I went for it!

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