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    30 points Coke Rewards 12 pack

    got 2 thanks
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    Winter Flap Hat for $1.99

    Thanks Chris
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    Miracle on 34th Street dvd for $6.99

    Thank you Thanks Chris aslo for the veterans posting wife and I enjoyed a B&B in Lancaster, PA last eveing Semper Fi Michael
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    $6.99 for a $10 Bk card - for new customers only

    Thanks Thank You
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    2lb ham as low as $2

    Thanks Thanks Chris
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    The Office PC Game $.89+fs

    Try code 10savenbs and get 10% off code is good till 5 30 2011
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    Lowe's 10% military discount

    All LOWE's as far as I know and THANK YOU for your service SEMPER FI
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    Lowe's 10% military discount

    Lowe's is offering a 10% discount to all military past or present but you need ID I use my VA medical caqrd some reservist also have a card. It can save some cash on major items
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    Vita Coco Coconut Water 11.2oz 12pack $12.19

    Thanks Chris
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    $7(or $2) for a $10 target gift card

    Thyank you Chris:bowdown:
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    MedcoHealthStore: $10 off

    Thanks for the info Thanks for the info
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