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  1. peanut24

    The Mini Social 10$ off code

    Thanks for posting! got 2 books, just paid shipping! I thought the prices we pretty good compared to the other sites like this.
  2. peanut24

    rue La La Facebook sale, some free items with credit

    Thankd for this! With my credits I got a pair of Lucky Brand Cord pants, $9.90!
  3. peanut24

    Coinstar bonus

    Excited for this tomorrow for amazon, but it says on the coinstar site, so everyone is aware "The $10 credit Can be applied to toys and games" Kinda lame if you ask me that they are telling me how I can spend the bonus. And Its seems the $10 is mailed to you, does not say email, so who knows...
  4. peanut24

    11/18 FREE GLASSES Again!

    I LOVE the glasses I got from the first promo. I have not been to the eye doc in years so I had 0.00 lenses put in. Printed out a Q for Cohens Fashion Optical for an exam for $29. Gave them the frames from costalcontacts and they are putting the lenses in. Applied for and got care credit...
  5. peanut24

    Free Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

    thank you for this! I sent 4 cards and just paid postage! Sent one to suck up to my in-laws who I will NOT be seeing for Thanksgiving:kekeke::t:
  6. peanut24

    Free Glasses from Coastal Contacts (11/12) *First 10,000*

    They are doing this promo again Thursday Nov 18 12:01pm ET. Same rules apply (if you got free ones from the first one I don't think you can get them again) Code 10KUSA!/
  7. peanut24

    Leap Frog Tag Junior Toy Story 3 @ Target $4.98

    My target here in CT had it today for $9.98!!! When the cashier scanned the coupon from the holiday book it did not work, I said the Q says TAG, its a TAG Jr, she agreed and pushed it through!!!!
  8. peanut24

    Halloween costumes up to 90% off!!! + Free shipping!!!

    AHH! all out of the size for my son for all 3 spiderman costumes...oh well, thanks for this!!! :)
  9. peanut24

    Omaha Steaks, free ham or free shipping

    if you read the wording in the email it seems to me you get the ham only when you order " Omaha Steaks and gourmet entrees"
  10. peanut24

    Omaha Steaks, free ham or free shipping

    It seems to be whatever is on the page with the offer, I tried all the cheap stuff (rice balls, seasoning, dog treats) and the ham won't show up in the check out unless I picked food from the home page, so nothing under $9.99
  11. peanut24


    man this game hates me, I can't win a thing! WTG to the ones that do!
  12. peanut24


    holy crap, I didn't win, but I will play again tomorrow, I can't believe they are taking away peoples points for this when you can do it for free! I got all the things wrong matching, I noticed at the bottom it says "skip to results" I wonder if you even have to do the matching?
  13. peanut24

    Free Muir Glen 2008 Reserve Gift Box

    ohh, I got this today in my email Greetings from Muir Glen! Congratulations on being one of the lucky ones who signed up in time to receive the exclusive Muir Glen 2008 Reserve Gift Box, which includes our limited edition Halley 3155 tomatoes as well as our signature Fire Roasted...
  14. peanut24

    A few free samples..

    I know I have seen the old spice one before a long time ago and never got anything
  15. peanut24

    Awesome deal with Omaha Steaks

    well I got my email, says nothing about the GC just congrats on signing up? :dunno:
  16. peanut24

    Awesome deal with Omaha Steaks

    I also signed up but it said nothing about the gift card
  17. peanut24

    Snapfish 50 4x6 pics

    the code worked great on WINKFLASH, i had never heard for them, THANKS!! :wiggle:
  18. peanut24

    $10 off $10 or more on Blockbuster DVD's

    thank you SO much for this! They have a ton of movies for 10.99 :wiggle:
  19. peanut24

    Free Totally Organic skin or body care samples

    the email I got back was all about how they think they are doing right by sending a $5 off coupon...whatever they are on my Sh*t list.
  20. peanut24

    Free Totally Organic skin or body care samples

    here was my email Dear Totally Organic Team- I am not only very disappointed in your withdrawal of your free sample but I am pretty offended at the way you handled it. I understand that your business my not have been able to handle the number of requests but to assume that someone would go...
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