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    Sample Box of Gourmet Food for $2 Shipping

    I received my free Goodies box on Thursday . . . and, even though I only signed up once, I received another free box on Saturday! :dunno: The boxes were almost identical -- the water was lemon-flavored in Thursday's box and orange-flavored in Saturday's box, and Thursday's box contained a bag...
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    Subway: $2 Cold Cut Combo & Meatball Marinara Subs –

    The one I was just at didn't have any signs up about it, but on their menu board the regular price of these two sandwiches is crossed out and it says $2 instead.
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    Subway: $2 Cold Cut Combo & Meatball Marinara Subs –

    It's called a combo because it is a combination of meats: Can't decide what kind of meat you want? Get them all. The Cold Cut Combo is stacked with turkey-based meats - ham, salami and bologna. It's topped with crisp vegetables and served on freshly baked bread. This combo has a little bit of...
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    2 Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Items $6 shipped

    Yesterday they were buy one, get one free, so the code would have made both free as originally posted (just pay for shipping), but I believe that was a one day code.
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    Free Wedding Party Card from Tiny Prints

    FYI If you don't need a wedding party card, you can change some of them around enough to work for other things. I picked the "Bow Tie" card and changed the inside greeting to be a birthday card for a friend who is a Star Wars nut. I've done that on other cards they offered for free in...
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    Free Yankee Candle or Tart

    Here's the link if interested:
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    Free Yankee Candle or Tart

    Shop at Home's "WILD DEAL" for today is a Yankee Candle Votive Candle or Tart from Bed Bath and Beyond. Cost looks like $1.49 but says you get $1.49 back in your Shop at Home account, so eventually works out to free. Never tried Shop at Home, so not sure of the specifics.
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    Magazines at RecycleBank

    The following magazines are 115 points at RecycleBank: ■Better Homes & Gardens ■Cosmopolitan ■Everyday Food ■Good Housekeeping ■Bazaar ■Marie Claire ■Parents ■Popular Mechanics ■Redbook ■Seventeen ■Town & Country ■Whole Living
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    Free Train with Grain Kit

    For those who got a virus warning on this site earlier, they issued this explanation: The virus was linked to timthumb, a popular wordpress tool for resizing photo thumbnails, which the Train with Grain site uses to re-size your uploaded images. The virus was detected by our team yesterday...
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    Walgreens free 8 x 10 today only

    It's another Walgreen's Week of Photo Deals. Today is a free 8 x 10 enlargement. Use FREE as the coupon code, and request free in-store pick up (or else pay for shipping). From the graphic, looks like the collage is on Thursday -- that's usually a free one, too.
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    Sam's Club -- non-member shopping this weekend

    Sam's Club opens its doors to non-members this weekend August 5-7 from 10 AM to 6 PM with no extra charge on non-member purchases.
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    50 Free RecycleBank Points

    At the top of the window, is there a narrow band with options for you to choose? It says something like "allow popups for this site" and "allow popups always." If so, click "allow popups for this site." When I do that, I usually have to refresh the first page to get the popup to try again...
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    Free Newcastle Geordie Schooner Pub Glass -mail in

    I did this the last time you posted it, last year I think. VERY nice glass! Thanks, Chris!
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    Old Navy mystery bag $100-$125 for only $20

    Great that they let you use the Groupon -- most other posters said their stores wouldn't let them. They also said that the contents depended on the store -- if they had "good" clearance items left, the contents of the bags would be better. One store manager said they only had tee-shirts left...
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    Old Navy mystery bag $100-$125 for only $20

    Other websites have been saying you cannot use the Groupon on this, since it is in the same category as their one-day deals. One poster who works at ON said the infant / kids bags are the best ones to get -- the adult bags are the leftover clearance clothes that no one else wanted and they...
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    Free Silver Plated Breast Cancer Awareness Pin

    Thanks Chris! I just got the lock that you posted a few weeks back from them. It is the cutest little thing!
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    Old Navy $2 tank on friday and saturday

    You do not need the coupon today -- today the sale is for the general public. The coupon was just to get in on the pre-sale, buy them a day early (Friday). I stopped in this morning, to see if they had any new colors. From the piles and piles they had yesterday for the pre-sale, today the...
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    Old Navy $2 tank on friday and saturday

    Check your receipt -- some of the colors (for me, the two charcoal gray ones) are not being reduced with the coupon. I only bought the tanks, so knew it should come to $20 (10 tanks @ $2 each) -- when it came to $31, I knew something was wrong and questioned it. Cashier had to manually...
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    Boston Market - 50% off coupon

    For Memorial Day, Boston Market has a 50% off coupon for family meals. :t: (Let's pretend that's a chicken LOL, although they do serve turkey too.)
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