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    $5 Instant Coupon for New Signup

    Yes, they definitely give $10 credits. I've just used two yesterday. You can only use one at a time, but once you put them in your account, they stay there until you use them.
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    Ark Naturals Products for Pets Samples

    Found in May 2010 issue of Dog Fancy Magazine ad: Go to to receive three free samples and $2.00 off coupon that can be used on any Ark Naturals product.
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    Free DVD of 2008 Eukanuba/AKC National Championship - Animal Planet

    From the site: "See the world's top canines compete in this free DVD, courtesy of Animal Planet".
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    Free Mattel Team GeoTrax-All Aboard DVD

    Free Fisher Price Geotrax DVD Fisher Price is offering a free Geotrax DVD: "Steamer and Samuel Save the Day". Has four animated episodes. 12-14 weeks for delivery.
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    Free shipping at = free items

    If you have any credits at, either from the $20 or from "referrals" (which are $10 credits) you can get multiple free things this weekend pairing it with the free shipping code FREESHIPSAT The free shipping code is good until Sun, 6/28 until midnight. There are several items...
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    Free Gift from

    Seen in July 7, 2009 issue of Women's Day Magazine (page 37): "Free gift when you sign up for our VIP membership at" *While supplies last, one per customer The free gift is supposed to be a bag...looks to be like a cosmetics bag type thing. There's a picture of it in...
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    7up at krogers

    That's good if they let you. I just always try to go through the self-checkout...less hassle. They shouldn't care if you want to use that many coupons. As long as you purchased the correct amount of corresponding items, it's fine.
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    Free items at if you still have a $20 credit

    Cool. I got the blue one. I though I needed a cover since I can never find my passport recently...even when it's right in front of my blends into much or something! my passport recently...hopefully this will help it to stand out to me more!
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    Free items at if you still have a $20 credit

    I know! I searched a lot to find some kind of promo code so I could get a better deal...but, it seems that the only kind of discount that was out there was for a purchase over $100. :(
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    Free items at if you still have a $20 credit

    There are several items that will be free at right now if you still have a $20 credit available to you. Check out the Post Impression items. There are several that are less than $12...some as low as $9.00: luggage tags, jewelry cases, leather envelopes, passport covers...
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    Latest SwagBuck code, Hurry!

    What do you mean you use it for stuff you purchased on itunes? Can you explain? Thanks!
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    Free itunes Sarah Brightman & Enya Downloads

    Just saw on itunes that there are two free holiday downloads available this week: Sarah Brightman - Silent Night Enya - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel We already have the Enya CD, so I didn't download that, but I did get the Sarah Brightman.:xmas:
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