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    Copied from SD eh? Haha. Thanks for sharing
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    Coke points

    Thanks Jen!
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    Free $10 Roozt Credit

    Thanks. Here's the link since you didn't post one:
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    Newcastle Brown Ale glass or $2 check - thru Facebook

    FIRST: go to google images and find a picture of newcastle brown ale and post it to your wall or put it in an album YOU MUST DO THIS TO GET THE GLASS OR CHECK! SECOND: Go to:, like their page, and click on the GET REWARDED box Enter your info and take a...
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    up to $15 Free from Kellogg's Mini-wheats class action lawsuit

    Got my check too! Forgot all about this and shocked to see I signed up for this back in 2010.
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    StumbleUpOn Amazon GiftCards

    nope :sadwavey:
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    Free $10 Dakota Beef gift certificate

    Got mine today! They are paper coupons for 10 dollars off. Hey, free organic beef hamburgers are always nice
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    Free Ultimate Ears Freebies

    If you have any of the guitar hero stuff you can set up a performance with your kids. It counted for me cause there is no concerts near me...Its alot of fun to do cause your kids can be apart of it
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    Free Ultimate Ears Freebies

    just finished the 5th level and have both headphones in the mail!! woohoo!!
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    Free Ultimate Ears Headphones

    their shipping is so slow!!! it takes forever for their stuff to get to me since they are shipping from california and i live in Connecticut!!! it takes them 7 BUSINESS days to deliver my stuff. waiting on my hat and shirt then gonna work on getting the headphones which should be easy
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    Free $10 Dakota Beef gift certificate

    Anyone receive this yet or know when to expect it?
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    Free half-gallon of tea at Chick-fil-A (Atlanta area) August 1-13, 2011

    "The Great Tea Giveaway Choose a store and make your reservation for tea pick up. Print out the email confirmation, bring that and your ID to your choosen Chick-fil-A during your choosen time. Get free tea!! Reserve your free half-gallon ice tea...
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    Free Goodies for first 5k to like USA Debt Professionals

    USA Debt Professionals is giving away FREE goodies to our first 5,000 "Likes". Make sure to send people this way so they can get free stuff too! Click the "Like" button and as long as you're a number 1-5,000 free goodies will be yours. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!! What do you get? Goody bags filled with...
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    Free $10 Rue La La Credit

    got my $10 credit!
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    Free surprise gift from 1SaleADay

    i got a metal money clip as well...i got one also when they gave them away so there was no use for it...i ended up wrapping fishing line around it and using it to hold loose line
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    Free Pandora Leather Bracelet with Murano Glass Charm

    thanks hope it comes
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    Free $10 Craftsman C3 tool gift card

    got mine today!!! It is a regular gift card that can be used at Sears, KMart, Lands End etc. SCORE!!!
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    Free Big *ss Fans T-Shirt

    send email to : with this info: Get a Free Shirt • Fan applications you are considering • A brief description of your hangar including the dimensions • Project details and room dimensions • Your contact information so we can mail your shirt • Your shirt size And...
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    Free Men's Health screenings

    the title makes it seem like its for movie screenings of "mens health" lol its been a long day...
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    Free 10¢ donation to the USO

    if i clear my cookies after each visit can i visit the site and give 10cents more than once?
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