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    Free cup of Greek yogurt is supposed to be the link. I haven't tried it yet...the link OR the yogurt! :jump:
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    Kfc My girlfriend sent me this. It's supposed to be free KFC for Facebook users but she also wrote: "did not waste time filling out the page after page questionairres-not really free!" Check it out if you want. Cynz
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    Free cup of Yoplait yogurt

    Here's the link: :v:
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    Free Advil

    Free Advil !
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    Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee

    Free sample of Dunkin Turbo coffee at :jump:
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    Free Breathe Right Strips

    Two free Breathe Right Strip samples at
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    Free Pastry Box Kit fron Reynolds
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    Free downloadable gift giving labels When you sign up for Land-O-Lakes Simple Rewards Program, you can download many differnt labels for gift giving! How cool is this?!?! :yum: Start cooking!
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    Free Kentucky grilled chicken at KFC on April 27

    Kentucky Fried Chicken One piece of KFC is free today at participating stores.
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    Free CFL bulb at Home Depot on April 19

    Free Neoperl faucet aerator at Home Depot Got my free aerator and also got a free 14 watt CFL light bulb, too!
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