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    Free stuff from Sample Showcase

    Thanks to those of you who qualified and shared you answers... got one!
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    Free Spring Into Fragrance Gift Pack

    I hear ya... I've signed up for so many of these, but it seems I'm always late.
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    Free Wildlife Postcards

    You can choose other gifts too... Also, this is for the online comminuty, not the membership which cost $15.
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    Free Eyeroller Challenge Kit

    It's from Garnier and comes with test strips, a wrinkle ruler and a coupon. you can also print a $2.50 off the site for other Garnier products.
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    Free Polished Stone Dice -NOT LEGIT
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    GLOBE.TV T-Shirt

    You'll have to go to this website and fill the form... Code: LMFAO
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