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    FREE Set of 2 Leather Heart Paper Weights from Red Envelope (Reg. $35.99!!!)

    Thanks!!! It worked for me....completely FREE!!! (I got the tea light holder)
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    Target: Fisher Price TRIO King Castle for $9.99

    :h5: Glad it worked for you as well!!!!! Can't wait til my 6 yr old plays with his on Christmas!
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    Target: Fisher Price TRIO King Castle for $9.99

    Fisher Price TRIO King Castle that was orginally 74.99 at Target for $9.99. I price matched the Kmart ad of 29.99 used: 10.00 off your purchase of Fisher-Price TRIO brand products 24.99 or higher MF Cpn peelie that was on one of the trio box sets 10.00 off Target Cpn from I paid...
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    JC Penney/Lands End $10 off $10?

    Did you register a credit card and take the survey? It seems to only work if you do those two. Also, not sure if this is the case with you or not. But it will say....You have 0 points. You only need 250 more to earn a $10 JCP Rewards Certificate at the top, but if you scroll down on the bottom...
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    join jcpennys rewards free $10 off purchase of $10 or more printable coupon

    I didn't use a promo code this time but yes we had to the last time it was offered. You just have to put in your credit card info and take the survey at sign-up to receive the $10 Rewards Certificate. When I tried to skip the survey the first time around it didn't give me the $10.00 printable.
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    JC Penney/Lands End $10 off $10?

    The promotional code is: LandsEnd and the code 1124 HTH (it seems to only be valid on regular priced items, not completely sure though)
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    Office Max

    Its saying that I have a bonus type $10.00 enrollment reward, but I don't see any type of print button in the top left. Guess its still not ready. Seems like its taking forever....i signed up in April. Thanks for trying to help!!! :h5:
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    Office Max

    Can't figure out how to print my reward
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    Latest SwagBuck code, Hurry!

    BirthdayBuck (just got this code in my email from swagbuck)
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    Free 4x6 KODAK Photo Book at Walmart in-store Nov. 3-7

    I had pictures developed in Walmart last night and it had a card in it that states.... Hurry back into Walmart for the free KODAK Photo Book Sample Days: Nov. 3-7 The first 40 customers get a free 4x6 Kodak Photo Book. Limit first 40 Customers. All designs not available on all kiosks. Offer...
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