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  1. dorkasaur

    Rue La La

    thanks for posting this, I got an email about it and passed up looking since most of the stuff they offer is expensive. I was able to get the eye shadow trio completely free including shipping, even have .15 left over, haha.
  2. dorkasaur

    Free Natrelle Rejuvenation Kit

    I got mine a weekish ago via fedex. it came with a rolly massage stick sort of thing, two bath loofa things, a journal, a fizzy little foot shaped bath salts, and a brush.
  3. dorkasaur

    Gladriel Game Marketplace

    Gladriel is basically a website where you bid on games they have for auction with gold, you can earn gold by writing walkthroughs, reviews, news posts, or by posting in the forums. you can also earn gold by selling your games on gladriel and inviting your friends. right now they're running a...
  4. dorkasaur

    American Eagle: $5 Limited Edition T’s!

    I ordered myself a pair of jeans and a pair of panties, and my fiance' a tshirt. I had a 25 GC from e-rewards and it all came to a little over 29 with the free shipping, I paid 4.10 out of pocket.
  5. dorkasaur

    Medco Health Store: *HOT!* $10 off ANY Order!

    I made an account the other day when this was posted, so it can't be that. maybe they just don't want me to have cheap stuff. lol.
  6. dorkasaur

    Medco Health Store: *HOT!* $10 off ANY Order!

    I just found a visa with some money left on it, and now none of the codes are working for me, boo! I tried the first10, in caps and with no caps and it doesn't give me an error like the other ones do, but it doesn't take anything off, either.
  7. dorkasaur

    Medco Health Store: *HOT!* $10 off ANY Order!

    bah humbug, the only Visa I have only has 1.23 on it. would anyone be willing to put some orders in for me for amazon codes or paypal? this site is a lot like so I was a bit put off that they didn't accept paypal =[
  8. dorkasaur 75% off clearance

    the only additional discount I got last night was something like 10% boo =[
  9. dorkasaur

    Cartoon Kitty Sports Waterproof Watch $2.65 SHIPPED…

    They have some good deals, but their site looks a lot like the dealextreme site, which I ordered a pair of earbuds from and never received them. >_<
  10. dorkasaur

    JCPenney $10 off $10 Coupon Code

    This would be awesome if JCP accepted paypal. too bad =[
  11. dorkasaur

    **ADULT ITEMS** "Adam & Eve" HOT DEAL 50% OFF + Free Shipping + 3 Free Gifts

    you know, whenever I see the commercials for this I always think what a great deal it'd be and then never got around to actually googling it. thanks! I might have to get something.
  12. dorkasaur

    FREE Set of 2 Leather Heart Paper Weights from Red Envelope (Reg. $35.99!!!)

    Thanks, I got one of the tea light holders and had two cents left over on my gift card.
  13. dorkasaur

    Free 2pc order of Lava Crunch Cakes/Domino's

    Thanks for this. We usually go the Papa Johns route instead of dominos. so if anyone wants my code lemme know.
  14. dorkasaur

    Bargain Catalog Outlet $10 off $25 ends 3/18

    Why on earth do they use tiny ladies to model plus sized clothing? I'm browsing their clothes and I checked out their size chart, apparently I could wear a small. but I wish they would use models that actually looked like the clothes fit them. they have some darn good deals, though!
  15. dorkasaur

    Lands End free shipping.

    Expires 3/16 Code: COLORS PIN: 7239 I snagged a pair of swim trunks for my fiance' for 7.99 plus tax, I put it on a freebie K-Mart GC from mypoints, so all in all, it was free. but they also take paypal. they've got some nice deals on other things, too.
  16. dorkasaur

    50% off E.l.f minerals

    I've never bought any of their minerals collection, but I have bought some other stuff. I've never had to deal with their customer service, so I don't know about that. but I bought two of their eyeliner pens thinking they'd be nice, they sucked and wouldn't work on my eyes at all. other than...
  17. dorkasaur

    ArtsCow 54 Custom Playing Photo Cards $2.99 SHIPPED

    I was about to post this when I saw it was already posted. it is a great deal! but I'm going to have to stay away from the personalized photo gifts for a bit. I already did a keychain and the six coasters recently.
  18. dorkasaur

    Fannie May 1/2 off while supplies last

    I grabbed two of the chocolate presents that were on sale. if anyone needs it my "fresh pass" has 1.87 left on it that I won't be using.
  19. dorkasaur

    $15 off any purchase The Limited

    I might be missing something, but what's the promotion code?
  20. dorkasaur

    Free shipping at Fannie May, no minimum order.

    use coupon code 10565 I've used this twice for standard UPS ground shipping, worked fine, my orders were both around $15.00 Expires 6/30/2010 (I think, I know it's june 2010)
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